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Cabin on the Hill - Guest Comments

This page is for guest comments and suggestions. Please send your comment to or post it on this weblog. Thank you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

From the guest books:

Dec. 28, 2009

This is only our second stay. We moved to OK after graduating college and we haven't found another Cabin on the Hill! I always till my IL friends about it. We have stayed at other places and I've actually said, "this is no Cabin on the Hill!" It was great to have some relaxing time after running from house to house in IL and IN for Christmas. We want to come back next year. Maybe we can stay 2 nights instead of just one. I feel like we're just settling in and then we have to leave. We enjoy so many things here 0 there's not enough space for me to write! And I write small. I can never get my fill of Cabin on the Hill! Thank you very much for everything.

The Hochstetler
Okeene, OK

Dec. 30, 2009

Your cabin is wonderful! It is so comfortable, just like home! (only difference is no kids and no work) Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. I just wish I would have booked it earlier so we would have had more than 1 day! We will definetely be back. Thanks again!

Jack & Johnna Johnson
Eldorado, IL


This is such a cute cabin! We have been to a few other cabins and this is one of the best! I bet it's even more beautiful in the fall. We plan on coming back.

John & Ashley Rodriquez
Dekalb, IL

Jan. 29, 2010

This was our 4th year in a row celebrating Paul's birthday. We love these cabins. We would like to come back in the spring or fall so we could visit the barn and walk the trails. Every time we are here there is snow! This is the 1st time that we have seen deer in the front yeard. Two of them were eating something on the ground while the snow was coming down.

Kim & Paul
Sesser, IL

Feb. 10, 2010

The hot tub was awesome but the cabin overall was lovely in every way. The kitties were especially great company. You can definitely expect us again. Very beautiful, peaceful and clean. We had a wonderful time.

Miranda & Ricky H.
Trivoli, IL

Feb. 14, 2010

I hope to visit the farm animals next time. I loved hearing the rooster crow - reminds me of simpler times. Saw 3 deer in the field at dusk.

We've stayed at six cabins so far and your cabin is the coziest! The added amenity of washer & dryer is wonderful. The setting of your cabins is surreal. Thanks for sharing with others this beautiful peice of nautre and creation that God has given you!

Karen & Mike Hayes
Centrailia, IL

Feb. 15, 2010

We have stayed in several cabins in So. IL and IN, your cabin is by far the best yet. Can't wait to come back. So nice to have every amenity you can think of here. Thanks for a wonderful stay!

Liz & Reed Latoz
Fairmount, IL

Feb. 19, 2010

We've stayed in cabins in East TN and middle TN and New York. These are the nicest we've stayed in yet. The decor is perfect. The setting is ideal. We'll enjoy coming back.

Thank you:
Sue & Bob Denly
Marion, IL

Feb. 23, 2010

We feel blessed that we happened upon a place so perfect! God answers prayer!

Jean & Theresa
Kankakee, IL

From the guest books:

Dec. 23, 2009

We all enjoyed the cabin. It was the prefect get away. Your cats are also cute and the hot tub the hike in the woods is great. Enjoyed the sunset too. We had perfect weather. We saw deer, Joe, Roxie, Kittty Man, and Dan. We enjoyed the well decorated cabin. Ryan and me enjoyed the loft and hot tub. Don't forget bon fires. We watched some movies too. We will be back because it was so much fun! Thanks for making the perfect getaway Christmas!

The Gunters
Shiloh, IL

Dec. 27, 2009

We love Cabin on the Hill. Can't wait to come back!
Dena & Jimmy Harris
Clinton, IL

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